[CoLoCo] "Spring" (?) Clean'n

Don Schwartz dSchwartz at AeroRad.com
Mon Oct 18 18:57:35 BST 2010

David et al

> All e waste should go to an e recycler. Especially CRTs and UPSs, but there's no e waste that should "just go out with the trash".
> If the Ubuntu discs are the Canonical pre-printed ones, I'll be happy to adopt them. You have versions I don't have, and I'd like to have the whole series one day.
> I promise to responsibly recycle everything I can't use, find a new home for, or re-purpose.


i've got Shawn Perry p/u'n sum hardwear & yer MORE than welcome 2 adopt'n me CD'S :)

could ya stop in 2 my place, 1165 Grant ?

OAR wood ya like me 2 meet ya ?


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