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Not sure if others have seen this yet or not; I noticed it on Planet Ubuntu.
Source: http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/09/08/call-for-ubuntu-loco-stories/

Call For Ubuntu LoCo

Look at this man. Do you recognize him? does he look familiar? If not you
should. His name is *David Planella* and he works on my team at Canonical as
the horseman responsible for ensuring we have a rocking Ubuntu translations
community. He is doing a stella job.

As part of his role I have asked him to contribute to making the
incredible Ubuntu
LoCo Community <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams> rock too. For a long time
now we have said that what the community needs is a regular stream of case
studies of the great work our incredible LoCo teams are doing. Well, I have
asked David to write and release a case study every two weeks as part of his
work. This case study will appear on The Fridge <http://fridge.ubuntu.com/>.

While David has many talents, mind-reading is not one of them. As such, LoCo
superstars, he needs to hear your stories. If you have organized an event,
performed some work/advocacy in your local community, have built some
resources, performed meetings or installfests or otherwise have an
interesting story to tell, please [email David](david.planella AT ubuntu DOT
com). This is a great way to (a) build awareness of your team and (b) build
awareness of the wider Ubuntu community. David will hear your story and
write the article.

Also folks, please point your LoCo teams to this post – we need to raise
awareness of these articles across the community. So here are the essential

   1. Think of something interesting your LoCo has done.
   2. Email David.

I can’t wait to read the stories!
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