[CoLoCo] Help! Seriously messed up encrypted install!

Ringo Kamens 2600denver at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 00:24:13 GMT 2009

Hey Ubunteros,

I've really done it now and the sad thing is this isn't the first time
it's happened. Hopefully, this time I caught it soon enough to save
it. Here's the story:

I was trying to add a swap partition to my external HD when I was on
the live CD to speed it up a bit. Unfortunately, I edited /dev/sda
instead of /dev/sdb. My Ubuntu install was on /dev/sda. I used the
alternate install CD with the full-disk crypto. I didn't do anything
strange, all the options were default options. The partition layout
looked like this (based on what I can figure out from it now).

/dev/sda1/ ext3 243.14 MB (I believe this is standard)
/dev/sda2 (start of extended paritition)
/dev/sda3 'unformatted' ie encrypted space for the rest of my hard
drive, which is 149.05 GB in size

I deleted /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda3 and put in a 2 gig swap space using
gparted. I never turned the swap on, realizing what I had done before
I would have.

I'm hoping -- really hoping -- that this only modified the partition
table and not the actual data on that part of the drive (or that if it
did modify it, it did very little damage). I've made a raw backup of
the (new) /dev/sda with the DD command and need to know a few things
in order to recover my old drive.

1. Is it possible?
2.  What would Xubuntu's default partition layout be for this size of
a drive? I would imagine I would have to get it right, down to the
right cylinder. How can I do this from a live CD? If there's a range
of guesses, where do I start?
3. Am I right when I say that the new swap partition only modified the
partition table and not the actual area it occupies?

Any help anybody can offer is extremely appreciated. I've got years
worth of important data on this hard drive and it's important to lots
of people.

Thanks for all that CoLoCo has done for me so far and hopefully you
all can save my ass here,


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