[CoLoCo] network monitoring system

James Wyatt james.r.wyatt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 16:46:09 GMT 2009

Look at squid proxy server...

2009/3/25 Andrew <keen101 at gmail.com>

> Hey,
> does anyone here know anything about network monitoring?
> You almost certainly do.
> there is a guy who emailed me asking for help. It's something that
> interests me as well. I'd really like to know if it can all be
> accomplished with open source software.
> this was his email
> *
> "hello.
> hi. i'm Dayana.
> i need some help regarding my college project.
> see, i have to do this "network monitoring system"
> which basically to monitor all network activities in lab.
> or in other words, i have to do web content filtering.
> any idea how to start?"*
> It would be cool if you could tell me any info  you know about it, as
> it's something i want to learn about too.
> It doesn't implicitly say what operating system(s) are in use or can
> be in use, but if would be equally helpful if you cover all options.
> windows (client) to windows (Server)
> windows (client) to Linux (server)
> Linux (client) to Linux (server)
> Thanks this is very interesting stuff to know.
> -Andrew
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