[CoLoCo] network monitoring system

Andrew keen101 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 16:35:52 GMT 2009


does anyone here know anything about network monitoring?

You almost certainly do.

there is a guy who emailed me asking for help. It's something that
interests me as well. I'd really like to know if it can all be
accomplished with open source software.

this was his email
hi. i'm Dayana.
i need some help regarding my college project.
see, i have to do this "network monitoring system"
which basically to monitor all network activities in lab.
or in other words, i have to do web content filtering.
any idea how to start?"*

It would be cool if you could tell me any info  you know about it, as
it's something i want to learn about too.

It doesn't implicitly say what operating system(s) are in use or can
be in use, but if would be equally helpful if you cover all options.

windows (client) to windows (Server)

windows (client) to Linux (server)

Linux (client) to Linux (server)

Thanks this is very interesting stuff to know.

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