[CoLoCo] A last linux request for assistance?? hmmm

Mitch Mahan mitch at kci.net
Sat Mar 14 14:27:58 GMT 2009

Hi gang!,

Could someone help point Alan in the right direction?

I believe he needs to setup a Samba share to his windows PeeCee.
I also believe he has lost his Mozilla Firefox browser! (Which way did it go?)

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  Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 3:36 AM
  Subject: A last linux request for assistance?? hmmm

        Thanks for writing!!  I'm OK with Windows (boooo!!!!), but with linux I'm a newbie. 

        The mailing list is here at http://coloco.ubuntu-rocks.org/, right?  So this is a dousie because I need Firefox Mozilla up & running to save my //home/Alan folder??  Hmm.  

        So when you say "Try "mozilla-firefox" in a shell", do you mean I go the terminal?  And then type in "mozilla-firefox"?  Not sure what it means "in a shell" & how to put it in a shell. 

        Yea for linux people!

          This mailing list will reach everyone on the Colorado team (and is meant as a support outreach among other things).
          ubuntu-us-co at lists.ubuntu.com

          You can sign up to receive mailing list e-mails here:

          As far as your problem goes... it sounds like a dousie!
          I'd reach out to the mailing list, they will have more concise up-to-date information to help you quicker.

          However, have you tried running mozilla from the command line?
          Try "mozilla-firefox" in a shell.

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            Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 8:56 PM
            Subject: Re: A linux request for assistance

                  Hi Mitch!

                  Glad to hear from you.  Yes, I still need help & for so long now too. 
                  I'm simply needing to back up my Ubuntu notebook computer of what I put on it in my //home folder.  That would be bookmarks, songs, (& hopefully pixs).  Maybe it makes no difference but my Firefox browser disappeared & I can't add it or ANYTHING because when I try, it says "CAN NOT FETCH'.  

                  Any suggestions?
                  I'd be most grateful for any suggestions.  Thanks,

                  PS - I'm not sure about any mailing list, or where it is.


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                    Subject: Re: A linux request for assistance
                    To: akg96 at yahoo.com
                    Date: Thursday, March 12, 2009, 12:18 PM


                    Hey there... I'm actually living on the east coast now (so you sent this a little late).

                    Do you still need some help?

                    Perhaps trying the mailing list will get you better results (they slave me pretty good at my new job).

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                      Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 7:58 PM
                      Subject: A linux request for assistance

                            Hi Mitch,

                            I'm Alan Gerbracht from Boulder & could use some assistance with my Ubuntu computer.  I believe we met at the brewery in FlatIrons Mall last spring.  If you could call me I would be most happy to hear from you.  I don't have much luck with the forum to resolve this straighford (& easy?) question.

                            Ph. # 720-579-2976 



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