[CoLoCo] Capturing video

Kyle Anderson kyle at xkyle.com
Tue Dec 8 23:11:54 GMT 2009

I've had great success with anything made by Hauppauge. Even their
crappy frame grabbing "wintv". All of them are supported with the
video4linux2 framework.

I've got an extra fancy one that encodes to mpeg2. Would you like to
meet up and borrow it? I don't mind, my mythtv server is out of pci slots.

Once you have the input selected with v4lctl, it is as simple as:
cat /dev/video > myhomevideo.mpeg

No fooling. From there you can use any encoding software to encode to
whatever you need, or go straight to dvd from there. (dvd is mpeg2)


Kenneth D Weinert wrote:
> OK, so I was doing some straightening up and found our old video camera
> - Sony Handycam with the tapes, only has RCA output.
> Anyone done anything with transferring from this sort of camera to a
> laptop? I have S-video on the laptop but that's the only video input.
> I've seen some of the RCA-USB interfaces, but it's unclear how well, if
> at all, they work with Linux.
> Any thoughts, or other pointers?
> Thanks.
> Ken

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