[CoLoCo] Install Help Needed

Eric Dinkel endinkel at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 27 01:19:21 BST 2009

Hello Ubuntu  Colorado

I have been trying to figure out how to
install Ubuntu 8.10 for over a month now. I get through the first few
steps in the set up menu  alright - the problem seems to be in the
partition step (the guided option does not seem to work):  I keep
getting error messages such as" The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 od scsl1 (o,o,o) (sda) failed." And " No root system is defined."  I have been messing around with it- but as I am new to
Ubuntu, I can't figure it out.  I am convinced though that someone who
knows about it would be able to figure it out in no time. 
I was
wondering if anyone will help me to get ubuntu up and running? It would
be incredibly appreciated. I just moved to Denver from Chicago and have been trying to get Ubuntu up for a few months now. I would even be willing to pay a small fee if someone could help me out.

Thanks! Cheers, Eric

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