[CoLoCo] ssh but kind of a mac question so please forgive

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Mon Sep 22 19:32:36 BST 2008

Since OSX is unix like underneath I should be able to do many of the same
things I do on Ubuntu. One thing I'm trying to do is use ssh. I have managed
to get it to work but as I use a private key to auth I have to copy the
private key to the computer and put it in the .ssh folder. For security
reasons I don't want to copy the key. Is there an option to tell it to look
for the key on a flash drive? How would I do this?

Bonus question: if you forward local port 80 to the ssh server, would that
essentially encrypt all local web traffic without setting up a socks proxy?


Jim (Ubuntu geek extraordinaire)
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