[CoLoCo] Odd load for sleep mode

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Sun Sep 7 17:18:14 BST 2008

On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 2:57 AM, Scott Scriven <ubuntu-us-co at toykeeper.net>wrote:

> * Jim Hutchinson <jim at ubuntu-rocks.org> wrote:
> > In the past, the uptime usually didn't include the time it was
> > sleeping so I'm not sure which is the correct behavior.
> Uptime is the wall-clock time since the kernel booted.  It
> includes time spent sleeping.  If you want to know how much time
> the system has been awake or active, use /proc/stat instead.  It
> shows the number of total and active kernel time slices, among
> other data.  The kernel time slices aren't a particularly
> accurate measure of time, though.
> > However, how could the load be over 9 after having just woken
> > up?
> Easy; that's pretty normal.  Suspending and resuming are pretty
> busy, active events, and they generate a load spike.  And...  no
> kernel time passes while the system is asleep.  That 15-minute
> load average is probably 14 minutes from before the system
> suspended, and 1 minute from after.
> The load is based on waiting processes and kernel time.  The
> value, basically, is the number of processes ready to run,
> averaged over time.  They aren't necessarily active; they're just
> waiting in line for the kernel's attention, whether they want CPU
> time or data from the disk or whatever.

Hi Scott. Thanks for the info. Having never seen numbers like that I was a
bit worried something abnormal was going on. I know waking is going to be
somewhat intensive but on my desktop even under the greatest load I've ever
put on it I've never seen much above 4 so 9 seemed way out of proportion.
However, I can see that it's a very short time to measure anything. Maybe I
should watch it over several minutes as it should fall rapidly. Thanks again
for the info.

Jim (Ubuntu geek extraordinaire)
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