[CoLoCo] Ginormous Fonts on Ubuntu/Kubuntu and Other Issues

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Thu May 1 19:26:05 BST 2008

After doing a clean install of Ubuntu 8.04 (GNOME) I noticed something odd
about the login page. When I type in my user/password the font is soooo huge
it can't even be read in the login box. The font seriously must be around a
100pt font. Unfortunately I cannot take a screenshot to show it. This
obviously doesn't hinder me from logging in, it is just annoying.

I looked through the forums and it sounded like it was an issue with the
settings in 'System->Preferences->Screens and Graphics Preferences'. So I
went to check out these settings and realized that I could not find 'Screens
and Graphics Preferences' in my menu under System->Preferences. I checked
the 'Main Menu' tool to make sure it was not just hidden but I couldn't find
it there either. So I had to find the command to launch the 'Screens and
Graphics Preferences' tool, ugh. Once in there, I reconfigured the
monitor/video card settings and I still have the same issue.

Since I was kinda frustrated with Ubuntu, I decided I would check out
Kubuntu KDE 4 remix since I have been hearing great stuff about KDE 4. When
I popped the live CD into my computer it took me to a live desktop with a
similar issue...huge fonts. The install button covered 70% of the whole
screen and I couldn't navigate anywhere. Since that failed miserably I
decided to install Kubuntu KDE 3.5.9. Installation went fine but when I got
to my login screen for the first time, huge fonts again! Like before on
Ubuntu I could login just fine but it was just really ugly and annoying.
Once in the desktop the fonts were fine just like Ubuntu. So from here I
decided I would try to install the KDE 4 desktop environment along side the
KDE 3.5.9 environment. Installation went fine but when I restarted my
computer I came to the KDE 4 login screen with the same huge font issues and
could not even get into the KDE 4 desktop. The font is so big that just a
tiny corner of the login page is displayed. Frustrating!

So I am now back with my Ubuntu and just dealing with the huge login letters
and missing tools in my menu.....but still annoyed. Anyone have any ideas?

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