[CoLoCo] FC meeting outcomes, ideas, etc...

Mitch Mahan mitch at kci.net
Fri Mar 28 19:35:30 GMT 2008

Gordon Biersch sounds like an ideal place.


I'm sold :-)


(You'll find D&B is not accommodating to empty pockets. I've been through
their 'Party Planner' before.)



- Mitch



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I looked through some of the older email threads and found people
recommending D&B (Westminster) and Gordon Biersch. I called both, D&B is
going to get back to me because the event person was all tied up at the time
but I did talk to the event manager at Gordon Biersch. She said that they do
have a "party/event" room and it cost 25 dollars for an event. The room
holds around 40 for sitting dinner or 50-75 for standing. This should be
sufficient room either way. The restaurant does have wifi and the room
actually has a projector in it. She also checked the dates of the 25th and
26th for me and it appears that the 25th is booked but it is still open for
the 26th. I have never been to a Gordon Biersch so I don't know anything
about it. Thoughts? Other locations to check out?

Here is the location of Gordon Biersch
1 West Flatiron Circle
Broomfield, CO 80021

I will get back to the group with the D&B info once I get it

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On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 11:44 AM, siblog <tehsiblog at gmail.com> wrote:

I would be willing to help set this up. What area in Denver? North, south,
east, west, central? I remember people did not want to meet in downtown.
Anyone have any places that they recommend? dislike?

Excellent. I can't find the email from Kevin that listed 2 or 3 good
locations but I think they were in the north part of Denver near the
freeway. I think that was the key thing. Any place big enough to take a 50+
person reservation is probably fine. I think Dave and Busters was one of the
suggestions but I'm by no means saying that is the best option. I've never
even been to one.

Would this be a semi-closed event for just the group or an advertised event
for all to come? If it is an open invitation party then it might be best to
get System76 involved relatively soon

I say make it open to anyone but we do need to try and get a rough idea of
how many. We can't make a reservation for 50 if only 25 are going to come
and if we end up with 100 that would be problematic too. Maybe a place that
can be flexible would be nice. One broken up into sections and they just
give us one (or two).

Sounds like a great idea! I would definitely be willing to help host a local
event at a coffee shop (or where ever) to help spread the word and let
people demo Ubuntu.

Also excellent. Lets see how much interest this generates and then hopefully
people in each part of the state will step up and start planning. 


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