[CoLoCo] External HDD Mount

Nelson E. Ingersoll nelson.ingersoll at email.com
Tue Mar 25 21:22:40 GMT 2008

Sounds like you are talking about an external USB drive.

fstab = File System Table
mtab  = Mounted Table

Don't worry about them at the moment.  While they are important they are
not your problem.

Instead, follow this path to external USB disk drive nirvana... or the
closest you're like to get.  9-)

Before plugging the drive in, issue the command:

   $ ls -al /dev/sd*

What do you see?  Some entries with like /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdb1 ?  Make a
note of all that you see.

Now, plug the drive in, wait 10-30 seconds, and issue the same command again:

    $ ls -al /dev/sd*

My theory is that you *will* now see a new value, likely /dev/sda1,
/dev/sdb1, or /dev/sdc1. Assuming you do find a new value, then try the

    $ # Perfectly OK if the 'mkdir' command fails because directory
    $ # already exists.
    $ sudo mkdir /media/Jeff-X

    $ sudo mount </dev/sda1> /media/Jeff-X

My continuing theory is that the drive will then be mounted as
/media/Jeff-X, ergo you can '$ cd /media/Jeff-X' or 'df' and see a line

/dev/sda1    244196000 144610192  99585808  60% /media/Jeff-X

Go have fun.   You could now use the command '$ cat /etc/mtab' and see an
entry for your drive.  Ain't Unix/Linux wonderful!  All magically straight
forward sooner or later.  8-()

- Nelson

BTW - you might enjoy some of the Ubuntu links found at:


Don Schwartz wrote:
> CoLoCo folks
> i'm try'n 2 mouny\t (actually reformat *.ntfs -> *.fat or vfat) an
> external hard drive
> i try'd this;   utest710 at utest710-laptop:~$ sudo mount Jeff-X
>               [sudo] password for utest710:
>               mount: can't find Jeff-X in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
> Whta's fstab &/or mtab???
> the lonely Buell
> BTW, STILL putz'n w/ the CloudBook, s-l-o-w, BUT tiny ;-)

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