[CoLoCo] can't add user - path exists

Scott Scriven ubuntu-us-co at toykeeper.net
Sun Mar 23 03:55:02 GMT 2008

* Jim Hutchinson <jim at ubuntu-rocks.org> wrote:
> So if I have a path like
> /home/jim
> and I want to make a new user "jim" how do I get around the 
> error and have it use the same path?

Something like this should work...

  % ls -l /home
  drwxr-xr-x  2  1007     1007   92 Aug  5  2007 jim/
  % sudo adduser --uid 1007 --gid 1007 --no-create-home jim

Then again, I think adduser might work without the option for 
home.  Just be sure to specify the same uid/gid as your existing 
data, to make sure the user has access to their files.

-- Scott

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