[CoLoCo] Ubuntu 8.04 Beta Released

Scott Scriven ubuntu-us-co at toykeeper.net
Fri Mar 21 22:52:12 GMT 2008

* Jim Hutchinson <jim at ubuntu-rocks.org> wrote:
> The problem is there are just too many possible changes that 
> can't be anticipated. If your system is basically default I 
> think it works well, but most people make a lot of
> changes.

The only Ubuntu upgrade issue I've ever had was because one of 
the core packages (x11-common) reacted badly to customized 
systems.  Any unexpected state caused a harsh aborted upgrade.

I'd like to see a different approach used: assume the user is 
going to do crazy things, and deal with it.  It could try to 
explain, and allow the user to fix the problem...  or at least 
try to fail in the least annoying way possible.

It's not a novel idea, it's just the robustness principle.  Be 
generous in the input you accept, and strict about what you emit.  
Or, more simply, strive for (but do not assume) correctness.

Robustness is not always appropriate, but I think it's a good 
idea for system upgrades.  I shouldn't have to spend all day 
recovering a botched upgrade because I left a vim backup file 
(foo.ext~) in the wrong directory.

-- Scott

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