[CoLoCo] Ubuntu 8.04 Beta Released

Scott Scriven ubuntu-us-co at toykeeper.net
Fri Mar 21 22:09:35 GMT 2008

* Chomafin <chomafin at gmail.com> wrote:
> You could always use :
> dpkg --get-selections > my-pkg-list
> cat my-pkg-list > dpkg --set-selections
> sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade
> This will install all packages you had on your previous install.

For that matter, debfoster is a good option here.  You tell it 
which apps you want, and it removes everything not required by 
those apps.  It's pretty handy on long-lived systems, because it 
gets rid of old cruft.

Then, if you do a fresh install, just copy debfoster's "keepers" 
file and you can easily install everything you had before (even 
if the dependencies changed between releases).

-- Scott

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