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Thanks! that's really useful.


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Maybe I am way late on this one, but I just had a friend show me this O'Reilly Online Bookstore site called Safari (http://safari.oreilly.com/). The site has thousands of IT books that you can read online and, no, they are not all O'Reilly books. It is quite an extensive library. Of course you do have to pay a monthly rate of $42.99 (or $472.89 per year) for the Unlimited Subscription but you also have a library in front of you that would cost thousands and take years to build. With that subscription I think they also let you download so many books or chapters a month but you can read as many of them that you want. I also believe you can copy and paste from them and print them if you really want to. 

I did a simple search for "Ubuntu" and here are some of the books it returned:

-Ubuntu Hacks
-Ubuntu Unleashed (Multiple Editions)
-The Official Ubuntu Book (Edition 1 & 2)
-Ubuntu Linux Bible
-Moving to Ubuntu Linux
-Ubuntu Linux For Dummies (Multiple Editions)
-Ubuntu For Non-Geeks (Multiple Editions)
And more....

The list of Python books is even more extensive

Unfortunately I just bought $75+ worth of IT books about a week ago and all of them are on this site, oh well. Anyways, I remembered people talking about Ubuntu books and Python books so I figured some might be interested.


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