[CoLoCo] Linux at Free Horizon Montessori (my son's elementary school)

Jeffrey LePage jeffrey_lepage at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 16:32:03 GMT 2008

I thought people might be interested in this.

My son's elementary school just got a big grant for
(among other things) technology.  Due to my lobbying,
they're going to use that money to buy a bunch of
Linux machines.  We're planning on about 5 Asus Eee
PC's for each classroom, plus a desktop
Edubuntu/Ubuntu box for each teacher/administrator.  

We chose the Asus Eee's because we wanted something
compact, cheap, and durable.  

We're also planning on a bunch of other open source
stuff: Koha for the library, AMANDA for backups, etc.

Jeff LePage

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