[CoLoCo] Looking for slideshow software

Kenneth D Weinert kenw at quarter-flash.com
Tue Mar 18 21:30:03 GMT 2008

Yeah, the other photographer had mentioned continuing on and giving CDs
of the pictures to the girls and I sort of fixated on that - the first
mention of a DVD was one of those "duh" moments.

By the way, the people I'm looking at for duplicating these is
http://www.discmakers.com and for quantity 20 DVD with case, full color
disc print, insert, and cover they're talking $8.14 each and 2 day
turnaround.  That doesn't include tax and shipping, but shipping is <
$12. This all seems reasonable and maybe the soccer team could even make
a little money for the extras without having to charge and exorbitant

Now, if the project goes forward, I just need to sort out how to use
their templates.

Thanks for the suggestions, they're very much appreciated.

Ken Weinert

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