[CoLoCo] virtualization in hardy: kvm

Kevin Fries kfries at cctus.com
Mon Mar 17 16:16:33 GMT 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 16:15 -0600, Jim Hutchinson wrote:
> I just installed vista in virtualbox. Not sure why. More a proof of
> concept. It runs horribly - much like vista on an underpowered
> computer which it essentially is since it can't see the graphics card
> or all of the memory. Also, no network. Not sure why. I never had any
> trouble with vmware but maybe I don't have it set up right.

By default it should have set up as a NAT.  Easily changed in the
graphical manager.

> Other than seeing how long it will take vista to get spyware or
> viruses, any suggestions on what I can use it for? I'm not sure I see
> what good a VM is if you are not running a server. Maybe I'll play
> with some other linux distros.

Visio is all I use it for.  God, won't somebody come out with a better
tool than DIA or Kivo for Linux.... pleeeeeaaaasssseeee!!!

Like I said, its the only thing I run Windows for in production, as
such, mine runs XP on 512MB of Ram and a 8GB HD.  Performance is nothing
to write home over, but it is very usable, and the same across most of
the VM solutions.  When I need it, I have an icon on my desktop to fire
it up and start it with seamless mode.  Every so often, like on my
current project, we will run a Windows VM for regression testing... but
again XP, 512MB, 8GB.


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