[CoLoCo] Best backup solution

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Sat Mar 8 23:09:37 GMT 2008

On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 4:01 PM, David Overcash <funnylookinhat at gmail.com>

> Why are you having so much trouble setting up a backup solution?  Just
> open TimeMachine, tell it what you want backed up... and click "Done".
> Oh, you're using GNOME?  Hmm... maybe one day that will catch up to
> Leopard.  ; )
All in favor of banning OSX talk here say "aye". Seriously thought, time
machine isn't that great. It's not configurable at all and doesn't work well
with wireless NAS. Who wants to lug an external drive around with their
laptop so time machine can run backups every hour. In my experience it's a
serious resource hog too (but I forced it to work with a wireless NAS) Daily
backups would be enough I think - especially if you could run more frequent
backups as you see fit. OSX may be better than windows but it's still
proprietary crap.

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