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Mitch Mahan mitch at kci.net
Wed Mar 5 21:01:09 GMT 2008

One more note... I'll be _more_ than happy to help you once you get the ball
rolling. (I would still prefer we spend our time on the TIE conference... so
I'll be "Getting out of the way").

I'm just so tired of all the words and none of the action.

- Mitch

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On Wed, 2008-03-05 at 11:40 -0700, Mitch Mahan wrote:
> I believe this is too large of a project to organize with our current
> membership 'standings'.
> I don't want to 'head-off' this idea but I feel semi-responsible for
> you know this is too ball-park and too big for us to handle.
> We should focus our time and energy on successful events and in the future
> when we have a more 'committed' (when people actually put forth time and
> effort and show up) following we can plan fun/big events like this.
> My 2 cents:


And thus the reason this group gets nothing done... No commitment

This is a big release.  It needs to be shouted.  Either you cheer from
the sidelines, or you grab your pom poms and lead the cheer.  Its like
the old bumper sticker: Get in, Get out of the way, or Get run over.  If
we want to help make Linux (in general and Ubuntu in specific)
successful, its going to take effort.  While TIE is a great and
worthwhile effort, it is the lack of effort on a more generic front that
is troubling.  How much more successful would the TIE conference be, if
we did more to make Linux more well known in general?  if not us, who?

Take a look at last months debacle at Dave and Busters!  Even then we
had a good 10-12 people, and a good time was had by those that were
there.  How many more could/would have participated if we had someone
make the decision earlier.  I don't think commitment is as much our
problem as planning is.

To that end, if somebody can get me some support from Canonical on
obtaining disks, I will lead the charge in West Denver.  All those that
want to join me, are welcome.  I live in the Belmar area, and my
business is in Cherry Creek.  I will start looking for places to hold an
event somewhere at or between those two places.

Microsoft is weak right now.  Now is our opportunity to get people to
listen.  Now is the time for those who are tired of a Microsoft centric
society to start laying the seeds of its destruction.  If we wait,
Microsoft will rebound, then the nows will become harder to find.

Kevin Fries
Senior Linux Engineer
Computer and Communications Technology, Inc
A Division of Japan Communications Inc.

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