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Nelson E. Ingersoll nelson.ingersoll at email.com
Tue Mar 4 05:23:26 GMT 2008


   Amazon requires us to have their "SPECIAL" downloader in order to buy
an album from them.  And no one here seems to think that is ODD?
Unreasonable?  No one protests?

   Is everyone so *happy* that "Linux" is "being recognized" that they
miss the entire fact that Amazon is playing a really sleazy game?  There
is NO reason we need to have a SPECIAL program in order to download MP3
albums from Amazon except that Amazon wants to put some sleazy piece of
crap software on OUR computers.  Ask yourself why?  By what right?  For
WHO'S benefit?

   Amazon is lying!  They are being dishonest and treating their customers
like crooks.  Anyone who downloads Amazon's SPECIAL downloader just to be
able to buy an album from Amazon is a sucker.


Check out http://cdbaby.com where you buy albums cheaper and don't have to
have a SPECIAL downloader.  Granted CD Baby isn't a big as Amazon; but
they do understand that honest people should not be treated dishonestly.
It is TIME for honest people to tell dishonest companies, like Amazon, to
screw off and go away.  I am NOT a crook and DO NOT LIKE being treated
like one.

- Nelson

TheZorch wrote:
> Not the first, but one of many stepping stones towards full mainstream
> acceptance of Linux in 2008.  As far as I know this is the first online
> music store that actively supports Linux users other than maybe
> Songbird, but that's not a real music store since you can download music
> using that without paying.
> The fact that the Amazon music store doesn't use DRM is also a plus.
> Chomafin wrote:
>> http://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/help/amd.html/002-0964719-6480026?ie=UTF8&forceos=LINUX&ASIN=&isTrack=
>> <http://www.amazon.com/gp/dmusic/help/amd.html/002-0964719-6480026?ie=UTF8&forceos=LINUX&ASIN=&isTrack=>
>> Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but it is news to me. 
>> Amazon has created a GUI Client for downloading music for Linux.  It's
>> nice to see that some of the bigger companies are starting to help out
>> the Linux front.  Now if they would only open the source so that it
>> can be Incorporated into RhythmBox :D
>> From the FAQ:
>> What are the technical specifications of MP3 Music Download files?
>> Here's more information about music files from the Amazon MP3 Music
>> Downloads store:
>>     * *Bit Rate:* Where possible, we encode our MP3 files using
>>       variable bit rates for maximum audio quality and smaller file
>>       sizes, aiming at an average of 256 kilobits per second (kbps).
>>       Using a variable bit rate allows us to allocate a higher bit
>>       rate to the more complex sections of music files while using a
>>       smaller bit rate for the less complex sections. The average of
>>       these rates is then calculated to produce an average bit rate
>>       for the entire file that represents the overall sound quality.
>>       Some of our content is encoded using a constant bit rate of 256
>>       kbps. This content will have the same excellent audio quality at
>>       a slightly larger file size.
>>     * *File Size:* A typical 3-minute song takes up approximately 5MB
>>       of storage space.
>>     * *Download Times:* A single MP3 file 5MB in size will download in
>>       less than one minute on a typical broad-band Internet
>>       connection. A similar download on a 56k dial-up connection can
>>       take up to 30 minutes.
>>     * *Album Cover Art:* Album cover art is included with each song
>>       you download.
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