[CoLoCo] Lotus Symphony

Walter Lamia walterlamia at buildingcoach.com
Tue Mar 4 04:27:07 GMT 2008

This isn't the old Symphony some of us had been fond of. IBM 
repackaged/customized a version of the Openoffice.org suite and stuck 
the Symphony brand on it. Not that it's bad, it just not particularly 
new and different.

Jim Hutchinson wrote:
> Has anyone tried Lotus Symphony 
> (http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/home.jspa)? It 
> looks like they are trying to make a better Open Office but it's not 
> FOSS as far as I can tell - although it is free. You have to register 
> and fill in some form - exactly the stuff I have and why I love FOSS. 
> Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it.
> -jim
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