[CoLoCo] Edubuntu gaining popularity in schools

David Overcash funnylookinhat at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 17:43:42 GMT 2008

Just go ahead and crack the administrator password on your computer and
install whatever you want... then show them how vulnerable it is and they'll
want to switch.

Btw, you can get any local windows password with this boot CD tool:


On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 8:58 AM, Richard Guenther <richskyline at gmail.com>

> Thanks for posting that.
> I've been threatened with losing all computer privileges in our district
> if I try to connect my newly-converted Ubuntu laptop up to the district
> network (St. Vrain Valley SD).  Ooooh, scary :-)
> The good news, though, is that several people in our district tech
> department are warming up to open-source software, just not the head of the
> department.  We recently had a big meeting schedules where I would list
> which OS software I wanted to be available to any district employee.
> Besides my Principals and the district Head of Curriculum, the head of DTS
> was supposed to be there.  He didn't show.  We called him and he wasn't
> answering.  So basically I was told that all the requested software would be
> approved.  :-)
> Our DTS rules are such a joke.  They won't give anyone in a particular
> school install privileges and yet they don't like to come and install
> software.  The only saving grace has been the fact that Python's OS module
> has allowed us ways to get around the policies.  ;-)
> I would really like to get a program going for donated computers.  Since I
> now installed Qwest dsl at home, I have a way to put edubuntu or another
> appropriate distro on and tweak it before giving it to someone else.  I
> think I may have students from our computer club come over and have some
> install fests.  I'm getting some contacts in the area that say they would
> like to donate computers to schools but don't because the schools only want
> computers with Windows already installed.  Hopefully we can get their
> unwanted comps and make them into Linux boxes.
> Richard
> On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 12:53 AM, Andrew <keen101 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I was just taking a stroll through Planet Ubuntu, as there are some
> > interesting things on there sometimes.
> >
> >
> > And guess what caught my eye?
> >
> > a blog that someone wrote called "Going to shool! part 1"
> >
> > It is really interesting. It talks about how this guy heard that a
> > school wanted to donate computers to other schools in need....
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