[CoLoCo] Edubuntu gaining popularity in schools

Andrew keen101 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 07:53:59 GMT 2008

I was just taking a stroll through Planet Ubuntu, as there are some
interesting things on there sometimes.

And guess what caught my eye?

a blog that someone wrote called "Going to shool! part 1"

It is really interesting. It talks about how this guy heard that a school
wanted to donate computers to other schools in need. So, he asked if they
would be interested in Edubuntu. It turned out that they were, and were
delighted. They are even considering getting some Edubuntu computers for

He even saw a sign in the school that said "Sharing Our Humanity" ..... how
cool is that?!!!     I think it's awesome.   I wish we were doing something
like this.


p.,s. I also found this cool thing:

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