[CoLoCo] Jeff LePage - Migrating from AD to Samba (David L. Willson)

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Mon Jun 23 23:29:08 BST 2008

n Mon, 23 Jun 2008 14:10:44 -0700 (PDT), Jeffrey LePage wrote
> David,
> You said...
> >Here's another article about AD and Samba.  This one is more about >interoperating with
> >AD, but includes references to CSVDE (CSV Directory Export) which might be >very useful
> >in your project
> ...but the link didn't make it.
> As for converting between my Win2k3 DC and Samba, one big reason to convert is 
> that the win2k3 in question is extremely flaky.  It's strangely slow (too slow 
> to be explained by the hardware and the load), and it tends to lock everyone's 
> accounts occasionally for no adequately explained reason.  Usually we have to 
> hit the reset button to get it to behave.
> The thing is, I don't _really_ want to replicate the Win2k3 active directory 
> stuff.  All I want is to be able to provide 1) unified login (preferably OS-
> agnostic) 2) network storage with login authentication And I want to be able 
> to do this without having to enter data for all 300 users by hand.

I think this is the article I meant to send: 

It's ~not~ a direct map to your needs, but may have some good info for you.

In general, I think you should become familiar with CSVDE because it will help you to
get the good stuph out of your directory and ready for import, by script or other tool
of your choice.

-- David

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