[CoLoCo] [off topic] open or linux friendly smart phone

TC telecon at infosyndicate.net
Thu Jun 19 05:01:25 BST 2008

Treo/Palm is probably the best supported Smartphone for linux that I
have come across. I've been using Palm/Linux for several years and have
had very small issues.

Jim Hutchinson wrote:
> Until open moko, android or something becomes a reality, are there any
> good option for a Linux loving guy who can't keep track of appointments?
> It seems blackberry and other such toys only talk with windows computers
> and are expensive to boot. I don't use a cell phone much so I will just
> buy something at retail and then use a pre-paid plan with it so no free
> phones and no contracts either. It wouldn't have to sync with a computer
> because I don't expect I'd use that function much anyway but I hate
> buying anything that supports the concept that windows is THE os.
> Something less than $200 would be ideal - preferably a lot less.
> I've been all over Amazon and the T-mobile site and I'm not finding a
> good option - plus never having used a PDA I'm not even sure what I'm
> looking for.
> Thanks for any free advice :).
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