[CoLoCo] Dual-boot and wine options (again)

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Thu Jun 19 00:47:54 BST 2008

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 2:01 PM, Jeffrey LePage <jeffrey_lepage at yahoo.com>

> Thanks for your earlier responses.
> I have a few follow up questions.
> First, I checked out system76.  I notice they install 64 bit Hardy Heron.
>  I have been installing 32-bit on my 64-bit hardware because Adobe Flash
> (among other things) doesn't work on 64-bit.  Am I wrong about this?  Also,
> System 76 _is_ pricey compared to Dell.

Flash runs on 64bit Linux. It just uses a 32bit wrapper. I am not a big
flash user but it seems to work on any site I've been to so far. There was a
thread earlier about swfdev (?) that is an open source attempt to do flash
that seems to be having some success. You might check that too.

As for system76 prices I never thought they were much more than dell. They
don't do the volume so that probably makes it harder to keep prices lower
and they don't get crapware kickbacks either. Even still, they have some
nice computers for not too different from dell. Buy local as they say.
Several members have one (Joey and Neal for sure) and they might be better
able to say how the final price compared. I think system76 has pretty good
service too (something dell doesn't have).

Not sure about the other questions but I have dealt with Computer
Renaissance. It probably depends on the store but the one in FC is pretty
good. If you are looking for a desktop it's easy to build your own and fun
too (at least I find it so). I think building a laptop, however, would not
be very beneficial.

Jim (Ubuntu geek extraordinaire)
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