[CoLoCo] Dual-boot and wine options

John Edwards eric.the.grey at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 23:15:26 BST 2008

I think I would revisit Dell and talk to someone with more authority.  It
may not work, but it may be worth a try.  I've read several times where
someone was told one thing by the phone jockey only to have a higher-up
reverse the decision to what it should have been in the first place.

There is no logical reason for NOT selling Linux PC's to schools or any
other business for that matter, if that is what they desire.

As I said, it may NOT work, but it might.  It also may be worth a post to
the Dell Idea Storm, assuming it still exists...

Oh, and I think the bit about using windows DLL's from an existing
installation is old, but it may still be in place.  The idea was that you
point to the C:\Windows directory on your alternate boot and Wine uses them
if it needs 'em.   I don't know if it's still practice to do it this way

John Edwards

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 11:16 AM, Jeffrey LePage <jeffrey_lepage at yahoo.com>

> I'm trying to help a local school get some Linux machines (for admin and
> staff use).  They had decided to go with Dell and get some desktops with
> Ubuntu pre-installed.  They were offering pretty decent machines for cheap.
> Then Dell informed us that they couldn't give us the advertised special
> because we're a school.  Go figure.  Instead they would sell us the same
> machine for MORE money.  Also, the only OS option is Vista Business.
> I'm talking to HP and others now.  They're willing to _try_ to match Dell's
> original price, but they also insist on installing Windows.  They want to
> install WinXP Pro.   The school thought about going with a white-box
> assembler and getting no-OS machines, but they decided they wanted a big
> well-known vendor.
> So, what are my options?  Let's say I get some vendor to sell us machines
> with WinXP pre-installed.  Maybe I can use this to our advantage and offer
> some extra Windows support?
> How about re-sizing the pre-installed windows partition and making them
> dual-boot?
> I also recall that it's possible to run wine by accessing the DLL's on an
> existing windows partition.  Is this a good option?
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