[CoLoCo] Having troubles with Alice....

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Mon Jun 16 23:09:08 BST 2008

Doesn't the old trick of replacing 'Driver "intel"' (or whatever) with 'Driver "vesa"'
in /etc/X11/xorg.conf still work around this kind of thing?

> Yes, it's *that* chipset :-).  Well, I think what I'll do is try Alice on as
> many other computers as possible--especially on those I want to run in my
> classroom.  Can't do that for a while, but that's my goal and I'm sticking
> with it.
> I really don't need Alice to work on this laptop, so I guess since
> everything else is great I'll stop trying.  Or  I just won't use the
> Socrates model and use the Evil Stepsister.... Ironically, the Penguin
> renders perfectly, while many other animals do not!
> Richard

-- David

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