[CoLoCo] Trouble with Hardy in Qemu

Ringo Kamens 2600denver at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 00:41:51 BST 2008

I am trying to run Ubuntu Hardy Heron x64 in qemu and I'm having some
difficulties. I'm on an AMD64 processor running Ubuntu 7.10 x64.

Here's the command I'm using to run the virtual machine, which is just
the Ubuntu Hardy 64-bit livecd
qemu-system-x86_64 -snapshot -cdrom ubuntu.iso

For some reason, it starts booting and then just ends up in BusyBox.
The screen seems to work fine, since the loading bar can be seen. I
googled this and found out that booting with the kernel option
pci=nomsi could help but I got the same results when I tried it. I'm
sure this is a simple problem, but I don't know what could be causing
it. I also tried using the irqpoll option as suggested, but no luck.

Any help you can give me is appreciated,
Comrade Ringo Kamens

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