[CoLoCo] New Firefox 3 Features

Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 20:05:39 BST 2008

Neal McBurnett wrote:
> When I play that with swfdec, it has terrible static.  Is that true
> for anyone else?  How does it work with other free software like
> gnash?  I see no links to feed back to the author - where did you find
> the link?
> Thanks,
> Note that ff3 has been in hardy for months.   Nice stuff.
FF3 in Hardy is the Beta.  Anyway, I founnd the link on the social news 
site Reddit.com. 

It is similar to Digg.com.  Registered users can submit links to 
articles on web pages, they appear on a list and users who read them can 
vote them up or down, and the posts with the highest votes shows up on 
the Front Page when you visit the website.  The biggest differences 
between Reddit and Digg is that Digg has a system for identifying repeat 
posts and lets you add a brief description of the web page and sometimes 
select a thumbnail picture from the web page.  Reddit doesn't have these 
features, the title and description of the article are on and the same 
and there are no thumbnails to select.  On both sites, users who look at 
your submitted articles, as I said, can vote it up or down and they can 
also leave comments.  Comments left by users can be voted up or down 
also, so that the comments with the highest votes appear first and the 
comments with the lowest votes get buried beneath the rest.

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