[CoLoCo] using a router as wifi card???

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at comcast.net
Tue Jun 3 20:16:52 BST 2008

Sorry, not much help here regarding bridge vs. client mode. After 
running into difficulties getting bridge mode dd-wrt to work I set up 
client mode and had it working right away, haven't looked back since.

Yes, AFAIK in bridged mode both wired and wireless both work and with 
Client Mode the "client router" would not act like a wireless access 
point. Never had a reason to extend the range of my wireless so that 
wasn't an issue.

I wouldn't think you'd ever notice differences in transfer speed unless 
you're constantly copying large files across the LAN wirelessly. (WPA 
with wireless G here) For normal usage of media files, file transfers, 
backups, etc. we've not had problems.

Jim Hutchinson wrote:
> Wirt, this looks like exactly what I'm wanting to do. However, I'm 
> confused between the pros and cons of this method over the wireless 
> bridge (what I was originally thinking of but couldn't remember). 
> Client mode seems closer to what I'm wanting to do and having 
> different subnets should not be an issue. What I'm wondering is are 
> there any performance issue with either? Is one faster than the other? 
> Also, it seems that in client mode you cannot connect to the router 
> wirelessly but can in bridged mode. However, it's not clear to me if 
> in bridged mode if wired connections will also work.
> Can anyone clarify?

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