[CoLoCo] 1:1 laptops/tablets in Denver school.

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Sat Jul 26 02:55:08 BST 2008

On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 7:11 PM, Jeffrey LePage <jeffrey_lepage at yahoo.com>wrote:

> ...I think there's a possibility that he might consider loading Ubuntu on
> his laptops.  Sometime in the future.
At my school I haven't been able to get Ubuntu on any district machines
(well--except for live cds).  I use an Ubuntu laptop every day in my
classes, though, and several students use Ubuntu at home.

What has really changed, though, is the overall approach to FOSS.  When I
arrived it was 99% proprietary (really the only OS I could find was the
ghostscript part of cutePDFwriter).  Now, however, more and more OS apps are
running and being used.  Moodle, of course, but I'm using Joomla for the CMS
of our new school website (one that's not up yet, but will be lightyears
ahead of what we have now).  Google Apps is being used, also.  All the
programming languages I teach are FOSS.  Open Office is becomming more and
more common with students.

That said, there is still a real ignorance to FOSS in our district tech
department--almost a paranoia.

Step by step.  Piece by piece.  Byte by byte.

Skyline High School
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