[CoLoCo] OSX, UBUNTU, or Windows... take your pick... a PC that runs them all...

David Overcash funnylookinhat at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 01:15:21 BST 2008

Simon...  I don't have a polite way to say this so here it is: You're full
of crap.

Your ideas and accusations against apple are both ignorantly supported and
have very little to do with the microsoft lawsuits from back in the day.
Apple doesn't force Safari down anyone's throat (First thing I did on my mac
was install firefox...  worked like a breeze and took over all of my links
for me).  Additionally, Apple doesn't "bundle" any software to speak of
other than what is absolutely necessary (Browser, Music, and FREE TRIALS of
their productivity suite).  Hardly a monopoly or [sic] anti-trust case....

Second... it's their full right to sell their software, and to sell it only
for their hardware.  It's called preventing pirated software, and creating a
better user experience.  The reason OS X always "just works" is because they
can custom create their operating system to work out of the box on all of
their machines.  It's called a good business model.  To be quite honest,
I've never had as good a computer experience as with my macbook.

You're going to not only make yourself look worse by throwing around
ill-weighted arguments, but also the FOSS community.  There's a reason that
Ubuntu members and Ubunteros adhere to a strict code of conduct (See:
http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct), it's to promote Ubuntu
respectfully and professionally, so that Linux can finally make it's move
into the personal sector and more fully into the business desktop market.

Sorry if this doesn't belong on this list, but I really couldn't stand to
sit around any more reading silly accusations that might just eventually
make it to the wrong audience.

-David Overcash

On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 4:25 PM, siblog <tehsiblog at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I know I am going off the subject, but I am going to rant for a second
>>> about Apple.
>>>> I'm pretty sure they are breaking the OSX terms of agreement etc to put
>>>> the OS on non apple hardware.
>>> This is the exact reason I hate Apple (even more than Microsoft).
>>> Everyone hated and tried to sue Microsoft back in the day because they
>>> bundled IE with Windows. Apple now bundles all their apps in their OS,
>>> controls what apps you can run with their products (ex. iPod/iPhone with
>>> iTunes), forces Safari down peoples throat via the iTunes/Apple auto-update
>>> and only allows their OS on their hardware! Microsoft couldn't even dream of
>>> pulling something like that off. Talk about control and monopoly tactics! In
>>> my opinion Apple is the new Microsoft but way worse. Supporting or
>>> purchasing products from them is worse than supporting Microsoft. And I am
>>> not directing any of this towards anyone in this group but, I am sick of
>>> people always complaining about big bad Microsoft when they should be
>>> looking out for Apple and teh monopoly it is building....Ok sorry I am done
>>> now
>>> -Simon
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