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David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Tue Dec 30 23:29:19 GMT 2008

One word:  Zimbra

Two words:  Zimbra Desktop

1. Zimbra is not an Exchange clone.
2. Zimbra Desktop is not an Outlook clone.
3. Neither is part of Open Office.

That said, Open Office with Zimbra and Zimbra Desktop replaces Microsoft Office with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

Try it out.  You'll love it.

David L. Willson
Network Engineer
MCT, MCSE, Linux+

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    My wife and I both use Open office, but I don't think its a
complete replacement for Microsoft's open office for the simple point
that out of every company I've worked for in the last decade, the sale
people live and breath Microsoft Exchange and so far there isn't
anything out there that completely beats out Exchange.  Sure there are
better, cheaper, and more secure solutions but that doesn't matter and
it never has with software.  I think if the CTO can go with a dual
deployment, that might be the right idea, going along a 2-3 year plan
to phase OO into the company.  Any other abrupt changes would be
suicidal because you'd swamp the company's IT staff as an entire
company stumbles over the differences in the two suites ( OOffice and
MS Office ).


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