[CoLoCo] networking issues

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Sat Aug 9 00:17:35 BST 2008

You may recall I have been trying to use one wifi router to act as a bridge
to a second host router. After a bit of work I got this to work but not
well. The main problem is you have to turn of dhcp on the client router
which means any device hooked up to it can't get an address unless it's
static. Actually, even if that wasn't the case it still doesn't work well.
My main issue is to be able to use the network printer that is connected to
the client router from any other computer in the house (most of which
connect to the host router). I can't find anything that works for doing
this. It shouldn't be this hard. The printer is networked. I just need to be
able to connect other computers to it even though it's not connected to the
main home router. Does anyone know of a solution for me? This is getting
frustrating. Why can't one router connect to another much the way any wifi
card does and still be ablet to serve dhcp to anything connected to it?


Jim (Ubuntu geek extraordinaire)
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