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Dave Vanderploeg dave.vanderploeg at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 17:24:35 BST 2007

I came away from Thursday's meeting thinking about how we could improve the
group, specifically how we can make it more organized. I've been thinking
about it a lot and trying to come up with a workable, practical solution.
None of my ideas are really new, but I think we need to implement them if
were going to make a stronger group.

First, I think we should eliminate the position of "Deputy Team Lead" and
have a board of 3 (Mitch, Jim and Neal?). Each board member will preside
over a number of CoLoCo's "projects". Each project also needs a leader that
organizes the group and gives status reports back to the board. The board
gives status reports to the Team Lead. Its important to have all of this
info on our website as well, so anyone can view it (can we add a projects
tab?). If someone has interest in a specific project it should be clear
exactly who they need to contact. If a project has no interest we need to
mark it as "inactive and available". At the moment I think a number of our
projects are inactive, but we need to let everyone know that, so people know
where we need help. (BTW, I think we may need a Treasurer as well. I know we
only have about $20 as a group right now, but if that starts to change we
should have something set up.)

Current Projects (that I can think of):

   - Outreach (big umbrella, may need to be split up somehow)
   - Website Development (inactive?)
   - Gutsy Party
   - Hardy Party
      - Press Agent
      - Inreach (there are huge number of CoLoCo members that aren't
   active, maybe we can get some of them interested)
   - Supply Team (Mostly David and Joey?)
   - Education Outreach (Mostly Jim's deal, right?)
   - Free Tech Support (inactive)

Since everyone here is volunteering their time I don't want anyone to feel
bad if they get busy and can't work on a project. If we have a better
organization structure, people moving in and out will be easier to replace.
The head of outreach can tell Jim that he's going to Zimbabwe for a month,
Jim can find someone else in that group and put them in charge (temporarily
or permanently) all without the team lead needing to do anything. I
mentioning this now because I think we should discuss it in our meeting next
Thursday, and I wanted to give people a heads up to think about how they
would like to see the group organized.

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