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phillip tribble phillip.tribble at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 23:24:46 BST 2007

I have nothing to protect. I just thought that was a big open exploit. I
love GNU/Linux, don't get me wrong; I will always use it. I guess having a
XTS-400 or some other
proprietary security oriented OS 'will protect me pron! Arrrrr!

On 9/25/07, Wirt <wirtwolff at comcast.net> wrote:
> Guess you could hire armed guards and run XTS-400 or some other
> proprietary security oriented OS if that'll help you sleep better. Of
> course the guards could always be bought, disabled or killed.  And
> people would wonder what's so valuable that it's worth securing with
> such expensive measures, so you'd have to protect yourself against
> higher quality attacks.
> Aww, it's hopeless. Might as well get rid of all those pesky passwords. :P
> phillip tribble wrote:
> > This Linux method to change the hard drive just sounds really
> > dangerous. The best security like you all mentioned is physical
> security.
> Physical security plus matching your precautions to your risk level.
> Most of us are pretty safe with pretty minimal common sense precautions.
> And one great thing about open-source is you have a huge community
> looking for holes to patch.
> You've got me curious now. What is it you are so concerned about
> protecting? Sorry, none of my business, really, but now my imagination
> is running wild.
> Wirt
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