[CoLoCo] *Stellarium makes a hit with old astronomy teacher*

Richard Guenther heistooheavy at yahoo.com
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We will definitely be producing some Ubuntu users here at Skyline High School!

About Adobe: I learned Photoshop and got pretty good at it.  I had a *cough cough* free copy that someone passed on to me.  When I discovered OSS, I also installed GIMP.  Although it was hard to adjust at first, this was only because I had first learned Photoshop.  I now use only GIMP, and have become quite comfortable with it.  


P.S.  The "alien glow" script-foo in GIMP can be used to produce an awesome lightsaber effect....

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Neat. So, that could mean even more people that might be interested in
Ubuntu right Richard?! :)

...And, Mark, that's neat that you have a mini-lab for yearbook. :)

(This next part is just a general statement directed at anyone who wants
to reply)

I'm taking a Computer Graphics class at my school. It's pretty neat, but
we are using the Adobe "suite" of software. (Indesign, photoshop, etc..)
I'm learning a bunch of new skills, and I'm having fun. But, I'm hoping
that these skills can be easily transfered to Open Source software. I
know there are some people on this list who use the Adobe software, and
I'd like to know if anyone thinks the open source alternatives can
replace ALMOST or ALL of the features that adobe has. If not, then what
features/reasons are there to keep and use the proprietary adobe.


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