[CoLoCo] SHIRTS - good news & bad news

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Thu Sep 13 16:57:10 BST 2007

Sorry to keep flooding everyone with this shirt stuff but I want to keep you
informed (since you are trusting me with your money and all).

The good news: A few hours after I submitted the order I received an email
about a 25% off sale. I contacted them and was able to get the discount
applied to our order.

The bad news: I now have to sit down and figure out what everyone should
have paid and how much I need to refund each of you. I don't think I'll send
refunds via PayPal - too much hassle and more fees. If it's okay with
everyone, I'll just give it to you when you get your shirt.

If you have not yet paid, I think the new total is $16.22. You can send me a
check for that amount and I won't worry about the refunds for you. $32.44 if
you ordered two shirts. If you pay via PayPal please add the extra $1 for
the fees.


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