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Thu Oct 18 14:49:24 BST 2007

partitions.. It seems most people suggest removing files and putting them
back.  This works on things 1gb and less I guess.. but yea..  You could try
something like :  It has bootable HDD Tools
to defrag and such I think.

On Nov 15, 2007 3:05 PM, Joey Stanford <joey at> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 11/15/07, Chomafin <chomafin at> wrote:
> > I believe most of the Major FS's in linux (i.e. ext2/3, reiserfs) run
> > defragments continually, so there is no need to manually run one.
> As I understand it, file allocation is much better in ext3. So much so
> that it eliminates fragmentation.  There is a defrag program available
> but I wouldn't encourage it's use.
> See Fragementation at
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<font class="bodytext">As for your speed question.. I think this sums it well : <br><a href="">
</a><br><br>According to this, The SATA 1.5 and ATA133 drives are nearly the same.. But the USB 2.0 is well under it in speed. So I think its the USB Bus that will limit any transfers, until usb3.0 comes out that is.<br><br>

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