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I agree wholeheartedly about Moodle.  A friend of mine used it in Boulder and recommended it to me a while back.  For now we're going to use some of the free hosting options like GoogleGroups and Blogger (I know, not a forum, but we may blog too).  If I can convince the district tech department that OS software is not "dangerous", "crappy", or "too good to be true", perhaps we can start hosting Moodle ourselves.  Until then....ah well.

Thanks to everyone for the recommendations.


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I'd suggest checking into MOODLE. It's way more than just a forum -
it's an online course management system (like blackboard or webct if
you are familiar with those). It's open source and can be installed
and run locally. If you are a member of BOCES you can also access
MOODLE through them.

If you just want someone off site to host a forum I'm afraid I don't
much about that.


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