[CoLoCo] Gutsy Party Final Thoughts

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Sun Oct 21 00:22:58 BST 2007

On Sat, Oct 20, 2007 at 03:01:23PM -0600, NICK VERBECK wrote:
> I will look into a plug-in for Wordpress and see if we can come up
> with something that way. If not I am looking to see what I can come up
> with in terms of Django as a framework. The website has been getting
> many ideas and I'm not sure the Wordpress framework will hold up to
> the task without some major hacking. The Drupal framwork is great and
> all but I'm thinking Python will give us the best security and easy of
> development that we need in that since. Plus I think there are more
> Python developers here then there are PHP. So I can start involving
> more people in the development and maintenance of the website.

Yes!  Django!  I've run it on another server and been watching the
blogs etc at


I expect there are actually more php web developers out there, but
hope that changes, and I think the clean separation of logic,
templates and data that django provides is really valuable.

And yes - it's python!

Neal McBurnett                 http://mcburnett.org/neal/

> On 10/20/07, Neal McBurnett <neal at bcn.boulder.co.us> wrote:
> > It seems that the google picasa service does let you get free accounts
> > with the ability to get the full resolution back.  I don't have
> > any notes about whether they expire pictures.
> >
> > Any other good options?  Perhaps a plug-in for wordpress (or drupal
> > if we go that route)?

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