[CoLoCo] Beryl

Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 01:52:53 BST 2007

As everyone here knows I'm a newcomer to Linux.  I am still deciding on 
a permanent Linux install for my machine.  I'm waiting for Gutsy Gibbon 
to come out first before making a decision.  I found a DVD-R I had made 
some time ago before my PC died and I had to rebuild it.  It has a copy 
of Sabayon Linux on it.

I booted up the LiveCD and it took longer than Ubuntu usually does but 
when it came to the desktop I was able to activate A/XGL and X.org 
loaded up the KDE desktop and Beryl.  I've seen Youtube video of Beryl 
in action on various desktops but to see it running on my system and 
running SMOOTHLY impressed me.  I compared it to desktops running 
Vista's DirectX accelerated AeroGlass desktop and it paled in 
comparison.  I'm going to keep this LiveCD around to show to others what 
a Linux desktop can do.  Does Ubuntu have an option for Beryl or can you 
download and install it on Ubuntu with relative ease?

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