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I can already tell you there "is" prior art.  Back in the day I used to 
work with IBM OS/2 Warp, this was back during the Windows 3.1 days.  
Damn good OS, beat the hell out of 3.1 and 95, and would probably beat 
the hell out of XP and Vista had Microsoft not crushed it with their 
monopoly influence over the PC market.  Anyway, OS/2 has features under 
this patent and it is from 1992!  There is also a little experimental 
computer sitting somewhere in an office of the of the Xerox PARC 
research labs which was the forerunner of the modern day graphical desktop.

You see what we have here is yet another attempt by Microsoft to fight a 
proxy war against Linux.  This IP Innovation LLC is another SCO, and we 
all know how that fight ended.

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