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On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 09:46:37AM -0600, Alex Comer wrote:
> Nothing to see here folks, move along.
> By which I mean to say that IANAL, but upon reading this preposterous claim I
> expect this to blow over. Reading this patent is enough to make you want to
> vomit.
> A
> On 10/12/07, phillip tribble <phillip.tribble at gmail.com> wrote:
>     http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2007-10-12-018-26-NW-RH-LL

Techies have known these sorts of patents were technically and
constitutionally invalid and wrong for decades.  The legislature and
courts aren't so smart.  Even defending against stupid patents can
cost millions.  Note that Apple presumably paid money to these folks.

The patent system is broken in the US.  They are avoiding software
patents in the european union.  It is time to overturn precedent in
the US and do the same thing here....

If not, we'll all be in a world of hurt, catching up with free
software 20 years after others deploy obvious things that they also

 League for Programming Freedom (LPF) http://lpf.ai.mit.edu/

 This suit: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20071011205044141

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