[CoLoCo] meeting minutes - Sept 27 @ panera

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Wed Oct 3 03:17:21 BST 2007

I meant to get these out sooner. Dave V was kind enough to take notes
but I've been slow to send them. Anyway, here is a rough outline of
what we discussed.

1. Gutsy Party - Possible 1 week delay but no decision
 Needs / Wants:

   1. Bandwidth
   2. Food
   3. Drinks (Alcohol)

Possible venues:

   1. Dave & Busters ($250 + $1500 sales) or second "open" room
   2. Mitch's House in Westminster
   3. Boulder Broker (left a message for details - looks to be booked
so no longer an option)
   4. Others?

2. Monthly Meetings
Discussion of possible meeting dates & locations
Bi-Monthly IRC meetings to occur at rotating times (Thursdays AM & PM)
to allow for more chances for everyone to get involved.
First IRC meeting 10/04/07 at 11am MST
Contact "Scribes" for meeting notes
Plan following meeting time in first IRC meeting

3. Regional coordinators
This is more or less canceled by IRC meetings, though we may discuss
it again in the future.

4. Hardy party in April
Media Coverage - How to get it
CoLoCo media coordinator
CoLoCo "Bake Sale" Clean PC's and preach Ubuntu
We need to have a solid plan by February - 2 months in advance of the party

5. Others
CLUE "Install parties"
Ubucon possible dates - Nov 10th
Coffe Shops - Card drop / prize
Library training sessions
Ubuntu Server Team

That pretty much covers it. For a follow up meeting and an attempt at
selecting a venue for the gutsy party be sure to tune into the irc
meeting on #ubuntu-colorado this Thursday at 11:00 am.

Be there or be square :)
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