[CoLoCo] 32 vs 64 bit..again

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Sun Nov 25 06:18:54 GMT 2007

> There might be some setbacks at first such as no 64bit version of adobe
> flash, but i think there is an open source flash version for 64bit, and
> everything in the future will probably get a 64bit version at some time.
> Things should only get better for 64bit from now on.

Flash seems to work fine on my laptop. I think it installed 32bit libs
but it works. So aside from flash, will just about all (or exactly
all) of the packages in the repos have 64 bit versions or will I find
some packages that don't exist? I'm mainly worried about the sound and
video tools like k9copy, thoggen, devede and the dozens more that are
there waiting for me to discover them.


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